Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blast from the Past 01

like many kids my age back in the 80's, i loved the transformers...especially the kind of transformers that had multiple robots that combined to form a super, giant robot. This drawing was my attempt to create my own super robot. I drew this piece back in 1987...i was in in grade 4. Mr Hutchinson's class. Tecumseh Elementary. The good ol' days...

Monday, January 26, 2009

random Draxar sketch

He's big...he's bad...he's a prince

Tycho: character rotation

here is Tycho is all his three dimensional glory.........

Chief Tycho Windstar: character poses

Again...these are older pieces. But i like what i was going for. I remember the day i decided that he was only going to have one hand....i have a whole story built up on why he only has one hand. Of course, the origin of this story has to do with his arch enemy - Prince Vaylin Draxar of the Vulture Clan...perhaps one day you shall hear the story.................

Meteora Prime: Grim Wing glider design rotation

this is a vehicle/glider design from my Meteora Prime concept...these gliders are utilized by the Falcon Clan for aerial battle...drawn around 2002-2003. If i were to re-design it today...i'd make it a little more menacing...but in a good guy way

Meteora Prime bounty hunter

i like this sketch...

Bombshell FX

i have an interest in graffiti...i cant really do graffiti yet...but it interests me. This guy is a reflection of my interst in graffiti

Pinnochio's house in DisneyLand

I'd be lying if i said i was at Disneyland with my sketchbook, and i sat at this spot in the theme park and drew Pinnochio's house. Yeah, i'd a be liar if i said that...instead ill tell the truth. I have a disneyland souvenir book that i bought from Disneyland back in 1991.....i just drew this house from a picture inside the book.....i think i illustrated it sometime during the year 2000-2001

a 'Playing it safe' comic strip

this strip was done in conjunction with my buddy Jeddy and a work project of was a fun piece to do

Warrior Monkey

a couple sketches i did while working on Captain Flamingo at Atomic Cartoons....

Juggler thief design - 2nd crack at it

after trying out a french mime look on the 1st design....i went for more of a amusement park look for this dude. i wanted him to look like a professional wrestler who had trouble finding wrestling work so he took up a gig at the local park....

Juggler thief design

with this design...i started to get some influence from french artists and they way they dress. I wanted to incorporate a playful look with a bit of a sinister touch...not sure if i hit the target on this guy...but heck, it was fun giving it a shot

Angelo: Archaic Star: character rotation

this rotation was done at the end of animation school...the spring is '04. I'd be lying if i said i was completely satisfied with this piece. As with my Kinetik rotation...when i look at this now, i kinda cringe because i can see places where i couldve improved the drawing.....but i have to calm those thoughts down and tell myself it was the best i could do at the time..and to also learn something from that the next time i do another rotation...this piece will have taught me something that i can use for the next design...

Kinetik: character rotation

this brings back memories. I did this piece back in 1st year of animation school in '02. Looking at it now, i see many places where i would have drawn it differently...but its all good, hindsight is 20/20. It reminds me that drawing is a process...a journey and not a destination. To enjoy that process and to realize that every drawing done is getting one closer to mastering the skill...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Benjy the Belly Itcher

This is the mascot that i designed for my summertime softball team- The Belly Itchers! ive been playing with the Itchers for 4 seasons now...and it makes my summertime worthwhile...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

En Garde !

did i spell that right? anyways...i like the flowing lines that i found in this sketch. Gotta splash some colour on it soon....

colour sketches

a first attempt at getting some colour schemes working with these sketches..... aka colour flats

Bouncing Boy sketch

on the left is Bouncing Boy. A character from the DC Comics comic book and cartoon called ' The Legion of Super-Heroes'. I dig drawing his body a pear

Robin Hood character concepts

these sketches were done as an exercise between myself and some buddies. We chose a topic ( Robin Hood ) and let out design imaginations run wild....just for fun and to see what would come out of our pencils....done early 2007? something like that..... fun stuff

keepin it comin

might as well get these sketches up and runnin'.....

more sketches

sometimes my favorite drawings come out of casual doodling and sketching

Kwiz Kid colour study

this character is from a DC Comics titled called Teen Titans Go! He's a super villain called Kwiz Kid. I did this sketch on paper then scanned it into photoshop where i just played around with the paint brush tool....pretty fun. I definitely gotta do more colouring

Mr. Yield!

This is the 2nd character in my concept called 'The Traffic Friends'. As opposed to Mr. Go! who has super speed...Mr. Yield controls force fields

Dynamo 5 colour concepts

around 2005, just for fun i came up with a concept called Dynamo 5. I hadnt fully fleshed out the idea...just did a couple sketches to play around with it. Eventually, i moved on to other things, but surprisingly enough Image Comics came out with a comic called Dynamo 5 around 2007. Was i choked? not really.... Did i learn something from it? yeah....stop being so lazy and get my ideas off the ground before some other fool takes it

Face off

a couple o' heads to convey some emotion


more sketches

Colour Kingdoms

my colour kingdoms concept....TO BE CONTINUED. MUAHAHAHAHA!

i cant get enough doodlez !!!!!

i dont gonna cram as many as i can onto one friggin page

Chief Tycho Windstar. Leader of the Falcon Clan

The design of this guy came very easily to me...i remember how relaxing it was to draw this fellow...

Layout / Enviroment Design

I dont think i got the perspective right in this picture....i had a vision in my head of what it should look like...but i had trouble getting it on paper. This was the best i could do at the time. ( around 2004). I remember it was an episode of the Road Runner that inspired me to do this piece

Vanguard Prison - rough character concepts

some preliminary work on my Vanguard Prison concept.....damn, i feel like this one has alot of due time, i shall flesh it out...oh yes

Miscellaneous character designs - MORE


Kinetik: rough character concept

I love this of my favorite characters that ive designed. he's a graffiti warrior

Milo from Captain Flamingo


Ed Cyber

im not even sure if i like the name i gave for this guy.....

Rocket Racoon!!

he's a racoon. he fights evil in outer space. i love it

Green Lantern's Living Room

Dont ask....

Wish you were here.........xoxo

this was done with a pencil, paper and patience...

Interior Design

I took a couple interior design classes at BCIT back in the early 2000's. Some of it was fun.

Some of it.........not so much. After going through this phase, i realized that my true art passion was in cartooning and graphic illustration

Bad Ass sketches

a sketch of a couple o' bad asses

Lord of the Rings illustration

I burned some of the LOTR trilogy for my buddy arnold. I drew some illustrations to go with each disc....i really dig the silhouette of this drawing

Mr. Go! - rough character design

This is Mr. Go! He is the super hero based on the green traffic light! He is physically VERY fast...but is VERY lazy in nature and behaviour. He'll wait til the last second to do something...then do it in a blink of an eye

Kid Rocket

this guys started out as a casual doodle...but he ended up becoming really appealing to me...

B-Bears rough concept with colour

extreme colour choices sometimes works...i feel that it amps up the design a notch. These were done around 2005...i think

The Playing It Safe crew

these 3 guys were designed for use in a friends work project.....drawn around 2004

my portfolio title page

This was the title page on the front of my application portfolio for animation school. Done around the spring of 2002....

Shingo: Character Design

I have a soft spot for Shingo. He was one of the first characters I designed as i was getting a portfolio together to apply for the classical animation program at Cap College. He's a happy go lucky ninja kid....

The Fairmont Hotel Lobby

I didnt actually sit in a lobby and draw this....i had a calendar with this pic. I just copied it. I used it as an excuse to practice my perspective drawing. Done in 2001 maybe?

expressive hands

Im right handed....thus, i did something with my left hand...then drew what i saw. Drawn in 2001

expressive faces

i read in a 'how to draw' book that a good way to practice drawing faces is to grab a mirror, make a face in it, then draw what you see...Here's what i came up with. Drawn around 2001